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1. Application

The race is open to all national and international pigeons, but they must have official rings from their corresponding federation and from the year of 2021 since the Sevilla Winter Race starts the trainings at the 3rd of January 2022.


The race is also open to people who aren’t members of any club or federation since all participants will automatically be members of colombophile club "Club Colombófilo Caura" that organizes the Seville Winter Race.


The application for the race must be made online at or by email at

2. Registration Fee

The price of each team is € 500, 3 activated pigeons + 6 reserve pigeons

Reserve pigeons still present after race 2 can be activated by their owners up to two days after the third scoring race (200 km) with an activation price of € 125 per pigeon.

The cost of transporting the pigeons is not included in the entry fee.


From the 3rd day of the third scoring race (200 km), pigeons not activated by their owners may be activated by other individuals or team for the amount of 125 €


These pigeons will count as active pigeons for the new owner or team, and will qualify for the monetary prize and all other competitions including the auction.


Reserve pigeons aren’t eligible for prizes until they be activated. After being activated they cannot be changed concerning teams name/ownership


Previous results before activation will follow the pigeon.


If you lose an active pigeon, the first reserve pigeon following the registration form order, will be activated automatically and changed from reserve status to active.


The new owner is not entitled to the auction sale money for the pigeon.

3. Payments

Payments (application fee/activations) must be made to the following bank account or following the payment instructions online.


Club Colombófilo Caura

IBAN: ES88 2100 1706 0602 0053 3455



The expenses/taxes from the transfers shall be supported by the participant.

4. Pigeons Teams

The pigeons in a team must be numbered as follows:




There are no limitations on how many teams a fancier can participate with.

The participant who brings 10 teams will get one free.

5. Delivery and Reception of Pigeons

In order to handle pigeons in groups, the pigeons will be divided into the following batches that will be collected by the agents from the different countries:


Lot # 1: April 1 to April 30

Lot # 2: May 1 to May 15

Lot # 3: May 16 to May 31

Lot # 4: June 1 to June 15

Lot # 5: June 16 to June 30

Lot # 6: July 1 to July 15

Lot # 7: July 16 to July 31

Lot # 8: August 1 to August 15

Lot # 9: August 16 to August 31

Lot # 10: September 1 to September 15

Lot # 11: September 16 to September 30

Lot # 12: October 1 to October 15

Lot # 13: October 16 to October 31


The collected batches will spend the first two weeks in the quarantine center before joining the rest of the pigeons in the main loft.

Pigeons that are lost or die before October 15th can be replaced in the period from October 16th to 31th at no additional cost, except, only the cost of transportation.

If they are lost or die after October 15, they will not be able to be replaced and will be notified with the list of pigeons of the first race.

The International Promoter, Sérgio Ferreira will coordinate all transportation. Before shipping the pigeons, contact him at:



Mobile: +31611566853

The pigeons from Spain and Portugal can be delivered directly in the loft. From all the other countries they must be sent from our agent to the following addres:

Club Colombófilo Caura

Polígono 16, Parcela 358

Los Péncales (Cerro de Almohadilla Road, Dehesa del Rey)

Coria del Rio

41100 Sevilla

6. Vaccination, Quarantine and Hospital.

All pigeons must be vaccinated against PMV at least 14 days before transport. A signed vaccination report / certificate must accompany the pigeons during transport.

It is recommended to give the chicks a trichomonas treatment one week before transport.

When the pigeons arrive at the location of the loft in Seville, the following will happen:


  • The ownership of the pigeons will be transferred to Sevilla Winter Race who will cover all expenses related to food, medicine, transportation (training and races) and more.

  • Pigeons will be individually inspected and placed in a quarantine loft located in the same location, but separate from the main racing loft.

  • When the pigeons have recovered from the transport, they will be vaccinated again.

  • When it is confirmed that a pigeon is well, it will be transferred to the racing loft and subsequently its corresponding Benzing chip will be put on it. From this day on the pigeons will appear in the Benzing system.


Pigeons that do not recover well from transport or that under any other circumstances become ill or injured during the race will be admitted to a hospital that is separate from the quarantine loft and the race loft. Also, the owner will be notified if the pigeons become ill or die.

7. Identity of the Pigeon

Identification and origins of the pigeons are required.


Pedigrees with a property card showing at least 2 generations (parents and grandparents) must be sent together with the pigeons or submitted in the online entry form.


The organizer will keep the pedigrees sealed and separated from the loft until after the final race.

The loft manager will not have access to pedigrees before the final race ends.


To qualify for the auction money, a pedigree with at least two generations is required.


If the pedigree is not sent with the pigeon or submitted in the online entry form, it can be sent later, but if it is not received at least one week before the final day of the race the participant will not be entitled to any part of the sale of the pigeon resultant from auction.


If there are countries that do not have property cards, the organization will add a special card to verify the identity of the pigeon.

8. Auction

The pigeons will be sold at M&C Auctions | Racing Pigeons Online ( in batches of 25 pigeons starting with 1-25, 26-50 and following.


The first 150 pigeons from the Zamora final (470 km) plus the first 5 AS pigeons will be auctioned and the remaining ones will continue with the Master Division championship (Sevilla Marathon Master de Fondo).


Pigeons that are sold for € 150 or more have the following dividend:

35% (total cost incurred) will be subtracted from the final auction price, from the remaining 65%,

50% will go to the owner of the pigeon and the other 50% will go to the organization.


The owners of the pigeons that are sold for less than € 150 will not be entitled to their proportional part of the auction, and the derby management will bear all the costs of the auction.


To achieve good prices at the auction, it is recommended that fanciers strive to submit good pedigrees.


The prices at the beginning of the auction will be € 100.


The pigeon that is not bid in its first auction will become the property of the Club Colombófilo Caura. In the next auction that this pigeon participates, the benefits and costs will go to the organization of the derby.


Pigeons classified in the final from No. 51 onwards and from AS pigeon No. 6 onwards can be purchased by the owner for a fixed price of € 250. These pigeons will not participate in any auction. For transparency, these pigeons will be visible at auction, but as "sold to owner" and no one will be able to bid on them.


Auction money will be paid out separately from prize money because payments are made directly on the auction website. The auction website pays the OLR organizer in batches, and when the organizer receives his money for a batch of pigeons, payments are made to the owner.

9. Awards

The prizes are calculated on the basis of 450 initially activated pigeons.


In total 420 active pigeons = € 34,750 in prizes.



RACE 1 > 2




10. Prizes confirmation

A full list of final prices will be posted on the website before 10pm on the day before the final race.

In this way we ensure that all paid pigeons count as prize money and this benefit the participants.

Hot Spot 1-3 races will be paid in full and accordingly prior to the next race.

Approval and payment must be done before the next race takes place.

11. Competitions

Hot-Spot 1, 2 and 3, semi final and final race.

The winner is the first pigeon registered in the Benzing Club system belonging to the “Club Colombófilo Caura” which is the organizer of the Sevilla Winter Race.


This should correspond to the “Benzing Live” system, but if for any reason there is a deviation between these systems, the club system contains the master results.


Scoring races for AS Paloma:


  • Villa Franca de los Barros (145 KM)


  • Mérida (185 KM)


  • Aljucen (200 KM)


  • Cáceres (245 KM)


  • Plasencia (304 KM)


  • Salamanca (410 KM)


  • Zamora (470 K)


Sevilla Marathon Master Background:

  • Santovenia I (510 KM)


  • Santovenia II (510 KM)


  • León (620 KM)



Scoring races for the AS pigeon of the Marathon Master Long Distance:


  • Zamora (470KM)


  • Santovenia I (510 KM)


  • Santovenia II (510 KM)


  • León (620 KM)



Ladies League:


This is an additional competition for the woman participating.


The only requirement is that the team contains a female name or something related to women and the contact person must be a woman.


If this requirement is met, it will automatically also participate in this league with the following scoring competitions.


  • Villa Franca de los Barros (145 KM)


  • Mérida (185 KM)


  • Aljucen (200 KM)


  • Cáceres (245 KM)


  • Plasencia (304 KM)


  • Salamanca (410 KM)


  • Zamora (470 KM

The points as are calculated after the Benzing formula which gives a coefficient for each result, the lower the coefficient, the better.

All pigeons registered within the second day at 20:00 count for ace pigeon points.




Distance: 320km

Number of pigeons: 1850 Pigeon A result: 39th place


Points will be accumulated for each race and the pigeon with the lowest coefficient will win after the final race.

12. Prizes Confirmation

An awards ceremony will be held on the evening of the last day of the race at the "Final Race Party" in the loft after dinner around 9:30 PM. Prizes not awarded in Seville will be distributed at the Kassel Fair in Germany in October.


All this if the circumstances due to Covid-19 allow it.